Modern Calculator is a powerful instrument for making various types of calculations. The program can be used as a standard calculator for making a simple and scientific calculations. All calculations are automatically saved to a file and displayed in the log window. Except a standard calculator the program includes some useful instruments that will allow you to make specific types of calculations:

1. Equation solver - allows to calculate roots of three types of equations: linear, quadratic and biquadratic.

2. Arithmetic mean calculation tool - allows to instantly calculate arithmetic mean of an array of numbers containing more than 1000 numbers.

3. Roman numerals converter - converts roman numbers to decimal and vice versa.

4. Expression calculator - multiple expression evaluator. Allows you to make your calculations by expressions. It has a simple text field on which you can write the expression in the same way you'd write it on paper. The expression calculator includes all of the known trigonometric functions and some additional functions such as logarithm, factorial, modulus operator, rounding function etc.

5. Grapher - simple and easy-to-use tool for building 2D plots by the formula which interests you. You Can build the plot of any trigonometric function and also parabola, hyperbola etc.

6. Unit converter - the powerful instrument for converting between two units belonging to various categories of measurement such as length, volume, mass, area, velocity, temperature, data rate etc. The converter contains 507 units in 24 different measurement categories.

The program also has a completely customizable skin-supported interface and multiple interface languages.

Modern Calculator offers all of the most important features the Windows calculator may have, plus more:

'Always on the top' mode;
Customizable skin-supported interface;
Multiple interface languages;
Location in the System Tray;
Set hot key for the program;
Clipboard viewer (you can view, change and clear clipboard data);
Logging of all calculations to file;
Equation solver;
Arithmetic mean calculation (more than 1000 numbers can be inputted);
Roman numerals converter;
A powerful unit converter (contains 507 units in 24 measurement categories);
Expression calculator;


When starts Modern Calculator places its icon on System Tray panel. Using it you can show, hide or close the program. Left click on the icon to show or hide Modern Calculator. Right click the icon to view a menu.


By double click on "V" key, you can open the clipboard viewer and see current clipboard data. Also this window may appear automatically when pasting an incorrect number from clipboard. This way the calculator offers you to correct it.


All your calculations are automatically saved to a file and displayed in the log window. The information on this window can be copied, saved, and cleared.


Equation solver is an instrument for calculating roots of three different types of equations: linear, quadratic and biquadratic. It calculates equation roots depending on the type of equation you choose.


Arithmetic mean calculation tool can instantly calculate arithmetic mean of an array of numbers containing more than 1000 numbers.


Expression calculator is a powerful tool which allows you to calculate the whole expression. This calculator has its own log where it stores results of evaluation of expressions.


You can build the graph of any function, such as sin(), cos(), tan(), ctg(), sec(), cosec(), arctan() and also parabola, hyperbole etc. Also, you can copy the graph to clipboard and save it as a bitmap picture.